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Clan Info
Leader: Cinderstar
Medicine Cat: Embersky
M/C Apprentice: Fossilpaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Batstar
Deputy: Tigerfur
Medicine Cat: Daisyleap
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon

Leader: Conchstar
Deputy: Stormheart
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Silverpaw
News: Coming soon


Leader: Cobaltstar
Deputy: Quickflower
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Skypaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Spottedstar
Deputy: Rivermask
Medicine Cat: Jaywing
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon


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Post by Jay on Sat May 07, 2016 9:16 pm

Each clan must have:

1 Leader- when the previous leader's last life is lost, the new leader must go to the sacred place of the clans, the Mooncave, to recieve their name (_____star) and nine lives from SoulClan. A leader is the highest priority in the clan. The word of the Clan leader is law, proclamined by the warrior code, and all other Clan cats must obey them. They are responsible for the whole Clan, calling Clan meetings, appointing cats to new ranks, and making the toughest decisions.

1 Deputy -Deputies are second in command of a Clan. They are responsible for organizing daily patrols for the Clan, such as hunting patrols and border patrols. To become a deputy the warrior must have trained at least one apprentice. If a Clan leader is unable to lead a Clan temporarily due to sickness, being away from the Clan, etc., then one of the deputies would take over for that time. If a deputy is sick or injured, then a warrior will temporarily take his/her place. If the leader dies, the chosen deputy would travel to Mooncave with the medicine cat to share tongues with SoulClan and receive his/her nine lives. If a deputy dies, the leader must appoint a new deputy before moonhigh.

1 (full) Medicine cats -Medicine cats are Clan cats who treat diseases and injuries, and who receive directions and guidance from StarClan. They have their own den in the Clan camp, where they sleep, store herbs, and treat wounded or sick cats. They also usually stay outside Clan rivalries. They are deeply respected by their Clanmates and no cat dares argue with them. One medicine cat apprentice allowed at a time.

____ Warriors - Warriors have been trained in the ways of fighting and hunting in addition to the ways of the Warrior Code. They are charged with the responsibility to feed and protect those cats who are elderly or unable to spend time out of camp. Warriors make up most of a Clan: each cat is, was, or will be a warrior (except medicine cats) unless they die before they become a warrior. When a she-cat expects or nurses kits, she temporarily gives up her warrior duties, but takes them up again when her kits are apprenticed. Although, sometimes this is not true, as some cats would rather stay in the nursery to help other arrivals of new kits.

___ Apprentices - These are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior (or sometimes a medicine cat) under a mentor. All apprentices' names end with the suffix "-paw" , which symbolizes the path their paws are on, until they receive their warrior name. An apprentice becomes a warrior once their mentor or Clan leader thinks they have learned enough, or in the case of the medicine cats, when the mentor dies or retires.

____Queens - When a warrior she-cat is expecting kits or has recently given birth to a litter of kits, they become known as a queen and move to the nursery. When she-cats become queens, they give up their title and duties as a warrior, however, they become a warrior again once their kits have been apprenticed. Some she-cats, though, prefer to stay in the nursery even after their kits have become apprentices. Queens have a vital role in continuing the Clans' survival as they give birth to the next generation of warriors. When a warrior dies, a queen might prepare the body with herbs for the vigil. Some she-cats can't have kits, however much they want them. If a queen does not wish to tell who the father of the kits is to the Clan, that is her choice.

____Kits - A kit is a cat under the age of six moons, still living in the nursery with its mother and littermates. Kits may be mischievous, and are known to bother warriors and elders. However, they tend to be interested in the stories the elders tell. Most kits are eager to begin their apprenticeship before they reach six moons of age. A kit's name must end with the suffix '-kit'. Kits are not allowed out of the nursery until their mother feels the time is right. After that, they can go around the camp, though never far from their mother. A kit cannot leave the Clan camp; however, sometimes they get away and get in trouble.

____Elders -An elder is a Clan cat that has served his or her Clan faithfully, but has now retired. They are wise and are held in high respect by the other cats; their counsel and knowledge is sought several times even by Clan leaders, though they are often described as grumpy. Although elders spend most of their time in their den, they may leave the camp if they wish to do so, such as to take a walk to stretch their legs or to hunt. Sometimes, they participate in Gatherings. They stay in their den most of the day, and it is the apprentices' task to clean their bedding, search them for ticks, etc.

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