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Leader: Cinderstar
Medicine Cat: Embersky
M/C Apprentice: Fossilpaw
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Leader: Batstar
Deputy: Tigerfur
Medicine Cat: Daisyleap
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon

Leader: Conchstar
Deputy: Stormheart
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Silverpaw
News: Coming soon


Leader: Cobaltstar
Deputy: Quickflower
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Skypaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Spottedstar
Deputy: Rivermask
Medicine Cat: Jaywing
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon


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Post by Mother Nature on Sat May 07, 2016 9:34 pm

Here on Once The Stars Take Hold, we have the lovely Mother Nature account, played by your three amazing admins: Jay, Embersky, and Nebula. Mother Nature controls all of the elements of the warriors' lives that are out of their control: predators and prey, weather systems, cataclysmic events, and injuries. We can be as innocent as a butterfly landing on your hand, or as deadly as a mountain lion tearing out your throat.
Mother Nature provides a special service here on teeth lost, hearts won: she can dish out special, sitewide effects to warriors who sign up. Basically, we act as the hand of fate. The Mother Nature account will post a starter to a topic based on the level you sign up as: your character can respond to that topic and then they must go on living with the effects that Mother Nature put in place. This is important to understand: what happens in this thread lasts forever across the entire site. It can't be ignored or downplayed. What Mother Nature says has happened, has happened. Let that be a warning to you.

  •  remember: this is for real! you might not like what happens to your cat, but once you sign up you've got to accept what's been dished out.

There are three levels of mother nature's effects. At level one, warriors may suffer (but are not limited to):

  • minor or significant injuries
  • (if the character is a leader) loss of one life
  • medium-tier predator getting loose in the clan's camp
  • loss of leader's trust 
  • extra duties for a month 
  • being removed from patrols
  • (if the character is an apprentice) having their ceremony pushed back one moon

At level two, they become more severe. They include (but are not limited to):

  • loss of a (NPC) significant other
  • (if she-cat is pregnant) loss of litter
  • very serious injury requiring much recuperation 
  • broken bones 
  • (if the character is a leader) loss of two or three lives at once
  • forced retirement to the elder's den 
  • (if a character is in a cross-clan relationship) having that relationship become known
  • being run out of their clan

Level three only has one outcome: death. Level three is not for the faint of heart, and should also not be used just as a throwaway measure. If you'd like to have a death which will be reflected in the actions of your character's Clanmates for moons to come, sign up here. Otherwise, be directed downwards, where Mother Nature will take control of other cats to be used possibly in future plots.

i, [i]membername[/i], would like to sign up [i]catname of whateverclan[/i] for [i]level one/two/three[/i] of mother nature. i understand that the outcomes of this are final and cannot be changed once i have signed up.
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