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Post by Jay on Sun May 08, 2016 11:56 am

Every cat should be taught this at birth in case they birth a disabled kit, or are one at birth. Some are more complicated than the others, but all you have to do is look back and refer to this page. Now, without further ado, here's the system!

eat/food/hunger - This sign is probably the simplest to teach, and usually the first taught to deaf kittens. Tap your paw against your mouth twice. Could be taught while offering food, during a meal, et cetera in order to get the point across.
drink/water/milk/thirst - Kneading paws accompanied by the opening of the mouth (to symbolize a nursing kitten).
done/finished/i'm on it - Paw raised, tapped on ground three times in quick succession.
more/again - Paw held out, turned upwards (so pawpad is showing), head tilted to the right.
careful/watch out/caution - (could be used to signify a cats fear or general discomfort, or also to warn another cat to be fearful aka 'watch out', depending on facial expression) - Paw placed on center of chest and ears turned back briefly.
bad/no/negative/none (in general, could be applied to a lot - Paw lifted up towards face, then turned outwards in a dismissive/quick motion (like a paw flick) in the direction away from the signer (could also be applied to other things to negate them).
good/thank you/positive/affirmative - Head tilted upwards, then dipped down low, before raising back to normal height. Basically a very exaggerated (so clearly a sign) dip of the head, and much more drawn out. (Basically - the cat version of nodding, except a lot more distinct and can also be used for "thank you" in this case).
know/knowledge/i know - (when paired with negative sign, don't know/uncertainty etc) Paw tapped on the top right side of head, followed by an ear flick.
question/query/curiosity - Tail curled into a hook behind, and then swished in a quick back and forth motion three times. Can be coupled with other words to form questions, such as with the sign for "scent" to ask what the cat scents nearby, or with the sign for "knowledge" to ask something akin to "do you know (x)?"
love/affection/i love you - One forepaw placed on center of chest and held there while the cat inclines their neck and head downwards, then the paw is dragged horizontally, parting the cat's chest fur before being returned to the ground. Normally familial / friendly, but when combined with the sign for more afterwards or before, indicates romantic love.
polite greeting/"how are you" - Head dipped low and eyes squinted, one paw drawn across face as if grooming (but without licking it prior to the motion).
sickness/illness/injury - Head lowered dramatically while one paw is raised to be placed on the top of the head, while both ears are flattened (as if lamenting pain of some sort) - tail is swished back and forth rapidly at the same time.

medicine/healing/medicine cat/etc herb related - One forepaw placed on top of other one, then a 'grinding' sort of motion (as in making a poultice).
patrol - (hunting or border can be signified by coupling it with "prey" or "fight") Chest puffed out and eyes narrowed, front paws moved forward on the ground in a sort of walking motion as if simulating 'following' another cat, while simultaneously lashing the tail sideways a single time
prey animals/any creature besides cats that is not a direct predator - Two forepaws moved in a 'skittering' motion quickly upon the ground, as if simulating the gait of a mouse or shrew.
scent/smell/sense - An overexaggerated parting of the jaws (so, more so than one normally would do to scent), followed by a distinct head tilt and the flick of both ears one at a time.
fight - Claws unsheathed and one forepaw outstretched to about the cat's neck level, spreading out the paw as far as possible (including the toes) and kneading the claws slightly at the air (as if clawing at a cat, almost).
go/do it/attack (could be used for mute, deaf, or blind leaders) - Tail spiked high upwards, then lashed down twice, before the cat gives a nod in the direction of whomever the command is intended for (nodding forward is considered a command to everyone generally present).
wait/hold on - One forepaw raised off of the ground and tail quivering and kinked over the cat's back; position must be held for a few heartbeats and end with a distinct ear flick to make sure that it's clear it's a command.

dark/darkness - one forepaw moved up to cover the face, stretched across to cover both eyes; while this occurs, the cat lowers their tail to the ground and sweeps it across the earth once, side to side. Negated with the sign for "negative" to imply light or sun.
big danger/bad thing/various large and bad animals such as badgers or dogs - Head jerked downwards quickly, briefly pointing nose towards ground (as if telling another cat to hide/be afraid, sort of). Could be coupled with no for no danger, etc.
smaller danger/bad thing/various smaller but still bad animals such as foxes or eagles - Head jerked upwards quickly, circling nose briefly in the air (as if having spotted a hawk overhead) and accompanied by the lashing of the tail once at the same time.
cold - Shoulder hunched up and head lowered drastically, as if shielding the head with the body and shoulders; one paw raised to swipe back and forth across one ear while the other flicks distinctively. Negated to imply warmth.

name/word - Both forepaws extended to make a dragging motion against the ground one by one, the entire motion (including both paws) repeated twice and accompanied by an ear flick. Can be used before and after another signed word to indicate a cat in particular - for example, a medicine cat named Badgerfur might be signified by the signs for "name", "big danger", "fur" and "medicine" in succession; a ginger warrior named Redclaw might by signified by the signs for "name", "red", and "warrior." (This would likely vary, with different words for different cats so that they would not share 'names' unless absolutely necessary. For example, Redclaw could also be signified by the signs for "name", "fur", and "fight").
warm colors - (including reddish tones, browns, oranges, etc - for referring to a cat's fur) - Tail moved to curl around the side of the body, touching the flank, then swished up and down, as if indicating the fur; at the same time, head tilted to the side and nose pointed low at the ground, one paw tapping at it (as if indicating the earth itself).
cool colors - (including blueish tones, grays, blacks, whites, etc - for referring to a cat's fur) - Tail moved to curl around the side of the body, touching the flank, then swished up and down, as if indicating the fur; at the same time, head tilted to the side and nose pointed high up into the air, one paw stretching out and making a sort of 'reaching' motion before being placed back down (as if indicating the sky).
warrior - The distinct squinting of the eyes coupled with the lifting of one's chin exaggeratedly, and one paw moved over the chest in a 'smoothing' motion three times (vertically).
deputy - The above sign, but with an exaggeratedly puffed out chest and flattened ears as well as a hooked tail.
leader - Raising one's head twice in quick succession as if looking up at another cat, followed by dipping the head to lick one's chest fur once.
general appearance/fur/pelt - One forepaw placed high up on the other, then moved up and down as if smoothing the fur of the leg. (In this case, the qualifier "good" could be used alongside this to indicate a cat who is attractive, or to denote a cat with the -face suffix).
mother - Bringing one paw up to tap at the bottom of chin/muzzle.
father - Bringing one paw up to tap once on the top (center) of forehead.
parent (neautruel) - Both of the above in succession, order does not matter.
kit/young/apprentice - One forepaw moved exaggeratedly forward to extend its claws and dig them into the ground (as if a singular 'kneading' motion), accompanied by the complete flattening of the ears and the tail swished once up over the back.

credit to Daisy ouo

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