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Leader: Conchstar
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Leader: Cobaltstar
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Peril, Leader of Bloodclan

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Peril, Leader of Bloodclan  Empty Peril, Leader of Bloodclan

Post by Embersky on Tue May 10, 2016 1:06 pm


Peril//28 Moons//Bloodclan Leader

A flaming red she-cat with white ears, tail and one front paw and icy blue eyes. Extended claws, a dark blue collar with claws and teeth stuck in, scar along muzzle and shoulder. 

Peril has lost her sanity over the ages of ruling Bloodclan. As in, to much killing has made her a psycho path. She'll kill anything she pleases to do and very rarely ever gives mercy to her enemies. If a cat in Bloodclan disobeys, she'll have them killed. She's a bloodthirsty she-cat without any feelings toward anyone and very dangerous.

Her line of family is goes all the way to Scourge, which is Peril's great ancestor from the former clans and former Bloodclan. Peril takes this relationship with the great Scourge from stories as pride. Her mother was in fact killed by Peril for trying to stop her from being merciless and going on random killing sprees, which Peril was furious about. Her mother's name was Rune. Her father had fled after Rune was murdered by his very own daughter, his name was Fang. Peril wanted to hunt him down, but had other things to do. Peril has six littermates from birth, Onyx, Turtle, Doe, Melody, Blaze and Riot. Her dearest and most trusted cats are Blaze and Riot, but she mostly sticks to Riot's side. The rest of her littermates are just ignored most of the time, even though she is insane, she'll spare them because of their unwavering loyalty to her and them being her favourites.

  Fighting10/10 Peril is probably the most bloodthirsty and battle-knowledge cat known. She takes her skills from her ancestor, Scourge. 
  Hunting9/10 This is nothing to her, she can easily catch a mouse in a swipe. Usually uses her battling skills for these things, although the hunting cats hunt for her anyways.

  Climbing8/10 Peril can easily climb most things because of her sharp, curved and long extended claws.

  Running9/10 Peril can easily outrun most of her enemies because of her long legs.

  Logic7/10 Usually she's well at battle plans and such, but her going insane can mess with her logic. Although, she's very clever and can easily trick an enemy.

  Memory5/10 Average, I guess, but her sanity ruins her long-memory, which means her childhood and friends are long forgotten. Pretty much explains why she doesn't think of her littermates as actual loving siblings..

  Herbs1/10 Umm, has no idea and doesn't even care, as long as the medicine cat will tend to her wounds.

  Swimming6/10 Yea sure I guess, she was taught by Turtle, her former Seaclan brother. Well actually, she forced Turtle to teach her so she could battle easier in water.

Peril grew up as a rogue, her mother, Rune taught them all sorts of hunting and battling stuff. Peril enjoyed this and grew very fond of this "fighting". She lived in small group made up of her mother, father, siblings and two cats named, Cloud and Bells. As Peril grew up she found the clan called Bloodclan, her family joined it, but Cloud and Bells stayed behind, eventually they joined the clans and became Cloudstorm and Whiteshine. Peril soon enough became a warrior of Bloodclan, her collar already holding many teeth and claws. Her mother and father were even prouder once Peril became an deputy. Peril's brother, Turtle had fallen in love with a cat in Seaclan and joined the clan, leaving behind Bloodclan. Peril was furious and called him a traitor, ending up killing his mate in Seaclan and kits. Turtle returned to Bloodclan after Seaclan blamed him for the murder. By the time he returned, Peril was leader. She had ended up killing the sick and weak leader, Morgan. All the Bloodclan cats had wanted Peril as leader since she was stronger. Once she was leader she won all the fights that happened, murdered many cats which led to her becoming insane and a pyhsco path. Rune tried to change her, but Peril instead of talking, killed her. Her father fled after this and Peril tried hunting him down, but returned to her clan for other important matters. Riot and Blaze soon became her most trusted cats, but Peril doesn't know that  Riot is planning on a attack to bring down Peril and her followers so they could have a less, insane leader.

Ashclan: Embersky, Russetpaw
Thornclan: Batstar, Echotuft
Seaclan: Stormheart,Coralpaw,Reefpaw,Oceanpaw
Breezeclan: Blossomfrost, Skypaw
Glideclan: Spottedstar, Bumblepaw

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