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Clan Info
Leader: Cinderstar
Medicine Cat: Embersky
M/C Apprentice: Fossilpaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Batstar
Deputy: Tigerfur
Medicine Cat: Daisyleap
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon

Leader: Conchstar
Deputy: Stormheart
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Silverpaw
News: Coming soon


Leader: Cobaltstar
Deputy: Quickflower
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Skypaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Spottedstar
Deputy: Rivermask
Medicine Cat: Jaywing
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon


Where kits play and elders make their peace with SoulClan, join the Clans in a whirlwind of prophecies and roleplay adventures

Blinded By Hatred
Join the New clans around Skyclan in a prophecy of hatred, forbidden love, war and more!
The Valley Beside The Lake

Follow the clans of the valley in a journey of excitement, danger and prophecies. Come join this rpg, where you can make Warrior Cats come to life.

Where The Ocean Lies
'Where the Ocean Lies' is a rp about the four clans struggling and how they must find their new home by the ocean. Will the clans find the ocean or will they be no more? Join WTOL to find out!
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Skypaw of Breezeclan Empty Skypaw of Breezeclan

Post by Embersky on Tue May 10, 2016 10:18 am

Skypaw of Breezeclan 38775eef57b217a56d09d400746890cd

She-cat//7 Moons

Breezeclan//Medicine Cat Apprentice


Appearance: A white and silver she-cat with silver tabby striped points on face, tail, paws and ears. Skypaw has crystal blue eyes and a cream stripe down her back.

Personality: Skypaw is a calm and clever she-cat. She is always peaceful and hates arguments and always tries to keep things in peace. Skypaw will sometimes be shy to new cats she doesn't know, but is always friendly to others she has met. Skypaw is very kind and helpful, always on the positive side and always cheerful.


Mother: Whitepelt-Alive

Mate: None
Crush: None
Kits: None
Best Friend: Open
Mentor: Open
Apprentice: None

Skills: fighting4/10;hunting4/10;Climbing2/10;Swimming1/10;Running8/10;Logic9/10;Memory7/10;Herbs10/10;Stamina6/10

History: Skypaw was always very calm and peaceful as a kit, she would always get "weird dreams with starry cats" in them and once made an apprentice, they made her a medicine cat apprentice because they figured Skypaw was receiving dreams from Starclan. She also hated battling and hunting, so Skypaw was delighted about the idea, except she hated not being able to have kits or a mate ever.

Ashclan: Embersky, Russetpaw
Thornclan: Batstar, Echotuft
Seaclan: Stormheart,Coralpaw,Reefpaw,Oceanpaw
Breezeclan: Blossomfrost, Skypaw
Glideclan: Spottedstar, Bumblepaw

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