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Clan Info
Leader: Cinderstar
Medicine Cat: Embersky
M/C Apprentice: Fossilpaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Batstar
Deputy: Tigerfur
Medicine Cat: Daisyleap
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon

Leader: Conchstar
Deputy: Stormheart
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Silverpaw
News: Coming soon


Leader: Cobaltstar
Deputy: Quickflower
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Skypaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Spottedstar
Deputy: Rivermask
Medicine Cat: Jaywing
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon


Where kits play and elders make their peace with SoulClan, join the Clans in a whirlwind of prophecies and roleplay adventures

Blinded By Hatred
Join the New clans around Skyclan in a prophecy of hatred, forbidden love, war and more!
The Valley Beside The Lake

Follow the clans of the valley in a journey of excitement, danger and prophecies. Come join this rpg, where you can make Warrior Cats come to life.

Where The Ocean Lies
'Where the Ocean Lies' is a rp about the four clans struggling and how they must find their new home by the ocean. Will the clans find the ocean or will they be no more? Join WTOL to find out!
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ROTW Rules :)

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ROTW Rules :) Empty ROTW Rules :)

Post by Jay on Sun May 08, 2016 11:48 am

Obvious Rules:

• If you have any questions, ask an Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat or a Senior Warrior!
• Poor behavior will result in a warning. Continuing this behavior, you will be banned from the chat. If you continue this even further, then you will be banned from accessing the forum for 24 hours. After that, you will be banned completely.
• Please keep the forum kid appropriate. Appropriate "Warriors" talk is allowed, but please remember that we are warriors, not apprentices. Rude people will be banned. (Words like crap, are allowed, but preferred not to be used!)
• Try not to double post, use the edit button!
• Listen to the admins and moderators when they are giving you advice or enforcing the rules. Ignoring them will only result in consequences.

Chatbox rules:

• No bad words! Crap, Damn, Darn, God, etc are okay, but no swear words. Also be careful when you say the words above - some people may find them offensive still!
• No bullying. If you feel threatened, PM a Leader. Even if it's a global mod, even if it's a newbie, we WILL take care of it.
• No roleplaying. That's done in the forums! You can do silly, stupid roleplays, but no in depth rps. The silly, stupid roleplays also DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, effect the actual roleplay.
• No being rude. Duh.

Cat creation rules:
• There is no limit to the amount of cats you may create, but don't have too many that you neglect the others! (The names of warrior cats are spelt Firefang NOT FireFang)
• Make your posts worth while... "Blossom twitched her ear" is a big no no!
• Users can have any amount of "ranked" (leader, deputy, medicine cat) characters, but please give other people a chance to make one. Being a warrior or an apprentice isn't all bad

Clan rules:
• There will be only one deputy per clan
• Clans will have a medicine cat, and a medicine cat apprentice.
• Medicine cats are not allowed to have kits
• The rule of no seeing an enemy clan cat applies, unless you get permission from an admin.
• Please let an admin or moderator know if you will be offline for a long period of time.

Obviously, please be nice when RPing. If you always argue, it's fun for no one. If you are being rude and disrespectful, we will make note of it.

One more rule. No fun, laughing, smiling, or anything.
Just kidding! We have rules for a reason, not to suck the fun out of everything!

We hope you have a wonderful experience here on Once the Stars Take Hold! Very Happy


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