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Clan Info
Leader: Cinderstar
Medicine Cat: Embersky
M/C Apprentice: Fossilpaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Batstar
Deputy: Tigerfur
Medicine Cat: Daisyleap
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon

Leader: Conchstar
Deputy: Stormheart
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Silverpaw
News: Coming soon


Leader: Cobaltstar
Deputy: Quickflower
Medicine Cat:
M/C Apprentice: Skypaw
News: Coming soon

Leader: Spottedstar
Deputy: Rivermask
Medicine Cat: Jaywing
M/C Apprentice:
News: Coming soon


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Foxpaw, Medicine Apprentice of Glideclan

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Foxpaw, Medicine Apprentice of Glideclan

Post by Littlelily on Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:53 pm

Foxpaw 6 moons Apprentice Glideclan Future name: Foxleaf
Ginger tom with orange eyes and white belly and paws.

Kind, Loving, never fights, Never starts a fight, wants to be a warrior, loves to hunt, Caring, Hunter, Adventurous, Accessible, Active, Adaptive, Admirable, Challenging, Athletic, Dedicated, Earnest, Fair, Faithful, Forgiving, Hard Working, Honest, Neat.
Father loved him and taught him many traits like Hard woker, Honest, neat, Dedicated and Active. Mother taught him how to be Adaptive, Admirable, Fair, Faithful and Earnest. He learned that he loved to adventure when he became a apprentice and also is a natual hunter. He has always been challenging to all cats.

Jump:10/10, Attack:7/10, Swimming:0/10, Climbing:1/10, Speed:5/10, Taste:9/10, Smell:9/10, Hear: 10/10, Touch:1/10, Sight:10/10, Stamina:1/10, Memory:9/10

Family: No siblings.

Past Life:

Was born to Frostheart and Firejaw of Glideclan. He was originally given the name Redkit, but he asked the leader to change it after parents death. Parents were killed by Boulderpaw and Lynxpaw when he was made a apprentice. He will always hate Seaclan.


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Re: Foxpaw, Medicine Apprentice of Glideclan

Post by Jay on Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:51 pm

Why does he want to be a warrior? Why isn't he a warrior, if he's a medicine apprentice?

Just a little more past life Wink

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